10 Popular Foods That May Be Affecting Your Energy And Mood For the Worse


Recent studies have indicated that the type of food we consume can actually influence our mood. The kind of food we eat can either affect our moods positively or negatively, just like when you eat something sweet or sugary, your energy levels get spiked. This is an example of one of the many ways food can affect our feelings.

How do you feel when you perceive or taste certain types of food, for example; in my case any food that has the aroma of garlic in it tends to irritate me, this alone can affect my mood then. There are various foods with which can either make you excited, irritable, sluggish, or even sleepy.

You probably are wondering why foods have such a significant effect on our moods and how we feel. Fact is whatever we eat has an impact on the neurotransmitters that are being produced by the brain. These neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain responsible for guiding how we feel like the serotonin chemicals help us relax, and the dopamine is responsible for helping us stay focused. Whatever we consume as food is like nutrients to these chemicals, the brain draws out the necessary nutrients and forms neurotransmitters that are responsible for enhancing and regulating our moods.

A situation where the brain isn’t provided with the right nutrients to balance the neurotransmitters can lead to mood swings. It may interest you to know that food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like avocado can boost your mood and meals with low quality are bound to affect the brain negatively. Studies have it that processed and baked foods can cause aggression, anxiety, depression, and other metal related sickness.

Foods to Avoid
Below is a list of foods that may be affecting your mood and should be avoided as much as possible;

1. Coffee: this is one beverage that is in high consumption. A lot of people start their day with a cup of coffee. This isn’t an entirely bad idea because coffee has antioxidants that help avert any form of decline in one’s perception. The downside of coffee consumption is constant intake can lead to a caffeine overdose. This will have an impact on the hormones, nerve signaling, and the function of the neurotransmitter and alter our mood.
2. Processed meat: foods like hotdogs, deli meat, and the likes are packed with preservatives, salt, and sugar, all of which can cause mood swings.
3. Inorganic fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetable are right for your health. However, by eating non-organic vegetables and fruits, you may also be taking in a portion of neurotoxins. Even so, think of crops that have been treated with pesticide, consuming those means you are also taking in remnants of the pesticide, chemicals that can cause mental disorders and nutritional deficits.
4. Alcohol: the consumption of alcohol in recent times is on the high side. There are numerous reasons at which people take a drink. But what most people don’t know is alcohol sets off the brain to produce hormones. Which increase the feeling of anxiety and reduces the serotine hormone and can further lead to a bad mood.
5. Butter: usually made out of fats that cause an increase in inflammation and are filled with omega-6 fatty acids which directly interferes with the omega-3 acids which alter the function of the insulin and messes up your mood.
6. Sugar: eating sugary foods can be satisfying at the time and can increase your heart rate and make you feel like you have an energy boost, but as soon as insulin kicks in and sugar levels start to crash, it can your mood.
7. Salted Nuts: nuts bought from most stores contain sodium as well as a food mess additives with artificial flavoring that causes you to feel depressed and moody in some cases.
8. Canned Foods: a lot of canned foods contain chemical additives that are responsible for moodiness.
9. Cereals: Processed ingredients and refined carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar to spike, resulting in mood swings. Both of which are found in grains and can mess up your mood.
10. Gave Nectar: This has a high amount of fructose in it and puts you at risk of having common conditions like; insulin resistance, high blood pressure all of which are pointers toward having a bad mood.


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