5 Types Of Diets To People Who Don’t Really Want To Go In A Diet

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Nobody really likes those strict doctor-prescribed diets. They make you feel seriously deprived and traumatized. Imagine missing out on some of your favorite delicacies because a doctor has said so. Normally, such restrictions are for your own good. Perhaps it’s because of some health condition that demands a strict dietary procedure. In most cases, we find ourselves in such situations because we failed to follow a proper diet, a workout regimen, or both.

5 Types Of Diet To People Who Don't Really Want To Go In A Diet

To avoid falling to the point of being placed on a diet, be sure you’re conscious about your current eating habit.

If you have no idea which way to go, feel free to follow one of the following diets.

The Mediterranean Diet

It’s widely accepted by experts that people living in places along the Mediterranean Sea generally have a longer life expectancy and are less prone to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This is attributed to the kind of food they eat. A diet that checks with their eating habit is dubbed the Mediterranean Diet. The diet promotes eating of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, legumes, and seafood, among other foods like herbs, olive oil, and nuts. A combination of the above, several times within the week, without overindulging in any type of food will give you great health benefits. In the Mediterranean diet, ensure you moderate the intake of poultry, yogurt, cheese, and eggs even as you also completely cut down on sweets and red meat, only allowing them into your diet during special occasions. Don’t make every day a special occasion though.

The Flexitarian Diet

Flexitarian is basically a combination of the word flexible and vegetarian. If you’re thinking of going vegan, but still enjoy some flexibility then the Flexitarian diet is for you. Even though it leans more towards the vegetarian diet, the Flexitarian diet allows you to bite the steak and chow some burger when the urge hits the roof. By eating more of the plants and less of the meat, health experts say you’ll lose weight, but also live a healthy life in general. This will also help you lower your chances of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The TLC Diet

If you’d like to improve your cardiovascular health, the TLC diet is your best bet. The TLC diet is acknowledged by many dietitians, many of who point out that it doesn’t have the kind of weaknesses seen in other diets. The diet is a creation of the National Institute of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program. The TLC diet aims at lowering cholesterol levels and promoting a healthy heart. It involves eating lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, bread, pasta, and cereals. It’s loved by many people because it’s wide thus giving you an expansive leeway to enjoy some of your favorite foods with only minor restrictions. In addition to heart health, the TLC diet also helps cut down on blood sugar, resulting in a leaner waistline and a lower high blood pressure risk.

The DASH Diet

If you don’t want to slip into a diet, you can choose the DASH Diet, which in full stands for Dietary Approaches by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. This diet helps you keep high blood pressure at bay, with a focus on foods that nutritionists have always recommended. These include low-fat dairy and dairy products, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein foods. These foods are known to contain high amounts of blood pressure reducing nutrients. The DASH Diet discourages the intake of high-fat foods such as fatty meat and full-fat dairy products, as well as sweets. It’s a balanced diet that you can follow for a long term and not lack any essential minerals.

The MIND Diet

The MIND diet focuses on foods that improve brain health, with a view of lowering deteriorating brain health. It borrows from the Mediterranean and DASH diets. Followers of the MIND diet eat more nuts, greens, and berries, which are foods known to lower the progression of mental decline. According to a study published in February 2015, the MIND diet was found to lower the risk of Alzheimer by 35% for those who follow the diet moderately and to an amazing 53% for the strict followers of the diet. When it comes to matters cognitive decline, the MIND diet is said to be way better than either DASH or Mediterranean diets followed independently.

There are several other diets out there that have been floated as quite effective in promoting good health in general, including Mayo Clinic Diet, Nordic Diet, Volumetrics Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, and Asian Diet.

Even as you follow any of these diets, never forget the importance of working out.


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