About us

Happy Soul, In a Happy Body

HealthyMonica is a great source of useful information about nutrition tips, fitness info, diet, motivation, and healthy lifestyle. We believe in the undisputed connection between the body and the soul, which are constantly communicating with each other and affecting each other. 

By making your body healthier, you’re also improving the condition of your mind and soul. 

In a busy than ever world who doesn’t stop for a second, it became more challenging to keep a healthy lifestyle, even though the information and the tools which are now widely available (and mostly even for free!) are within one’s grasp.

We are busier than ever. We are hurrying, We are dealing with many little (and big) problems. We neglect our bodies signals, and we pay for it in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Of course, some of us can pull it off. For a while, at least.

But sooner or later, We are going to pay a price for any time we abandon our body or soul.

Besides damaging our God-given gifts, We are going through a life filled with anger, frustration, resentfulness, meaninglessness and other tough-to-carry feelings that may be caused because of inappropriate attention to ourselves.

This is why we’ve created HealthyMonica – To help individuals around the world feel better and live healthier and happier through a healthier lifestyle

If you’re reading this, You probably consider improving your general health and soul. That’s great, because it’s the first step to a real change.

We are inviting you to enjoy and learn as much as you can from our wonderful tips and information available for free in our blog.

Stay Healthy!