Can Traveling Really Make Your Period Late?

Can Traveling Really Make Your Period Late
Can Traveling Really Make Your Period Late

Missing a period normally sends many of us to panic mode, or just late periods when we’re about to fly out to our dream destination. It would be so messy to have your periods unexpectedly during the journey, especially if your flow is normally heavy. For this reason, you’ll always keep track of the dates to know exactly when you expect them to come, before setting your travel dates.

Unfortunately, things just change when you’re planning to travel, and you realize that your periods have skipped the date. You’re left wondering whether it’s because you’re planning to travel, or just bad luck.

So, are late periods associated with traveling? The truth is yes, and you’ll see why it’s true as you read on.

Stress May Have an Impact

While traveling to a new place is exciting, you’ll hardly notice how stressful it is to your body. The planning of the trip and the thought of moving to a new environment can be stressful, even though you may not notice. While you may not feel the pressure, your body will definitely react to it.

So, how does stress disrupt a normal menstrual cycle? Hormones released during stress harm the overall health, and when it comes to your periods, they have a more evolutionary and primal role. Stress hormones cause imbalance of the reproductive hormones which result in late ovulation and in some women ovulation may not even occur in stressful situations. These body responses during stress will be triggered even when you’re excited, and that’s why as much as traveling is all exciting, you may still experience late periods.

Sleep Issues

Changing the environment can disrupt sleep for most people. The disrupted sleep could be due to a long or uncomfortable trip, or you may be vacationing in a completely different climate. Change of environment can drastically affect the quality of sleep, which further leads to hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance affects your menstrual cycle, and you may experience late or early periods.

Changes in Diet and Exercise Routine

It’s almost obvious that you’ll not observe your morning gym routine or your lean diet when you’re on vacation. In most cases, you’ll abandon your normal health routine, and turn to unhealthy treats along with varied sleeping patterns. It will be normal to stay up until late and wake up late in the afternoon without worrying so much. As you abandon your regular healthy habits and enjoy leisure time on vacation, your body will most likely be affected physiologically. You shouldn’t therefore, be surprised if you experience irregular periods during the vacation.

Can Traveling Really Make Your Period Late

Jet Lag is Likely to Affect Your Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is likely to fall out of order if your sleep cycle is disrupted. If you’re moving to a different time zone, you’ll be forced to change your sleep cycle in order to adapt to the new time zone. Switching time zones causes your circadian rhythm, which is simply your body’s inner clock, to fall out of balance. Since circadian rhythm plays a major role in the balance of hormones that affect the menstrual cycle, any changes on it will also reflect on your periods. Therefore, if you’re moving to a different time zone for your vacation, be prepared to experience irregular periods.

Hormonal Changes

Travel-induced stress causes an imbalance of the reproductive hormones which play an important role in the menstrual cycle. Just a slight change in levels of certain reproductive hormones such as progesterone will have a drastic effect on your cycle. Depending on your body’s reaction, you may have your periods coming earlier or even later than expected.

Falling Sick During The Journey

For some people, it’s normal to fall sick on the way, especially if they’re on a long journey. As your body’s immune system responds by fighting back the germs, and this may partially suppress menstrual activities in the body. This would mean that your periods would come earlier or even later. Therefore, if you’re the type who easily falls sick when traveling, then be prepared to experience irregular periods during this time.

As you plan to travel, always be prepared to experience changes in your menstrual cycle, for it greatly affects your periods.


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