Food That Will Help You Fight The Flu

Food That Will Help You Fight the Flu

When you or your loved one has flu, the last thing you’d like to see is food. Besides having a running nose, you’ll lose appetite for food. However, this doesn’t mean you avoid food completely. Your body still needs nutrients at this time to fight the flu virus, and you can only get these from the food you eat.

To recover quickly from the flu, you can supplement your daily meals with some foods that are known to fight the virus. Some of these foods are quite common, and, therefore, you won’t struggle to get them.

Food That Will Help You Fight the Flu

If you have flu, consider taking these foods to find relief.


While garlic is mostly used as a natural food flavoring agent, it’s widely known for its medicinal properties. Garlic has been used as an alternative medicine for a variety of ailments, including flu. When using garlic as medicine, you take it raw instead of adding it to the food. Raw garlic has immune-enhancing effects that fight the flu virus. For it to work effectively, consider taking it at the onset of the flu. It will prevent the flu from developing further.

Natural Yoghurt

Yogurt without artificial sugars can help soothe a sore throat and boost one’s immunity system. Yogurt contains antioxidants that reduce the inflammatory effects of flu. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates that will give you energy during that period of sickness. You can take yogurt a soon as you develop flu symptoms. It will help reduce the effects of flu.

Food That Will Help You Fight the Flu

Vitamin C-containing Fruits

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that boosts your immunity system. When you’re sick, it means your body’s immunity is deteriorating, and it needs a boost to fight pathogens. While taking supplements can help boost your immunity, your body absorbs vitamin C more effectively from the food you eat. Some of the fruits rich in vitamin C include strawberries, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. Whenever you feel you’re developing symptoms of flu, consider taking such fruits.


Food That Will Help You Fight the FluGinger is used as a flavoring agent in a variety of dishes. Some use it in tea, whereas others use it to cook meals. Despite being used as a food component, ginger is known for its medicinal value. It’s used to treat a variety of conditions, including flu. One property of ginger that makes it a perfect medicine for flu is its inflammatory characteristics. Due to this property, ginger relieves you of the inflammation caused by the flu. It also loosens up the congestion resulting from cold and soothes a sore throat. For ginger to work effectively, consider taking it in hot water.

Taking Water

It’s easy to get dehydrated with the flu. Since you eat and drink less during this time, it’s easy to become dehydrated. Again, you also lose water with sweat when you have a fever. Fluids are important for normal body functions. Additionally, they can help break up nasal congestion. If you have flu, taking plenty of water will be of help. To make this more effective, take warm water. If you can’t take it plain, you can add lemon to taste.


Research findings show that mushrooms have antiviral properties that can strengthen your body against the flu virus. They contain a type of carbohydrate called glucan, which is responsible for this property. Each mushroom contains something a little different that’s beneficial to the body. Therefore, to obtain a full range of nutrients, consider incorporating a variety into your meals. This will optimize the immune-boosting benefits, which consequently minimizes the effect of the flu virus. For better results, take mushrooms when you notice the first symptoms of flu.

Food That Will Help You Fight the Flu

Pumpkin Seeds

Not many know the value of pumpkin seeds when it comes to relieving flu. So, how do they work? Pumpkin seeds contain the mineral Zinc. This mineral is known for its immunity-boosting properties that go a long way to weaken the flu virus. By taking pumpkin seeds at the onset of the flu, you prevent the flu virus from developing further. This will give you relief, and the flu will eventually subside. Therefore, instead of throwing away the pumpkin seeds, consider using them as medicine.

Before taking medication for flu, consider these natural remedies. However, if things don’t work out, you can consult a physician for treatment.


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