Popular Myths About Weight Loss


You have probably heard about a lot of myths about weight loss. There is so much information out there that it becomes hard to weed out the ones that are true.

With that, here is a list of the popular myths about weight loss and why you should not believe them.

First Myth:

All the calories that you consume are equal. The belief system is that every calorie consumed by an individual is equal. This one is definitely a myth.


The truth is that the metabolic rate of every calorie differs. Hence, when you consume a protein-calorie the body addresses it in a different way than if you consumed a fat calorie or a carb calorie. If you want to lose weight, you should focus your attention on learning how to replace the carb calories and fat calories that you consume with the right kind of protein.

Protein calories come with many benefits such as:

  • It can boost metabolism in any person;
  • It can reduce appetite;
  • It can suppress craving; and
  • Protein calories also help optimize the function of some weight-regulating hormone.

Second Myth:

Gaining weight while on a diet means failing the diet.


It is a common mistake among many individuals to believe that their weight loss journey should continue showing less weight on the weighing scale. This is obviously wrong. Weight loss is not linear, it fluctuates.

For example, if the original weight is 200 pounds and you are doing all of the right things, you will say lose around 1 pound a week, which is the healthy amount. You will continue to lose weight until you reach a break even point where your water retention and fat deposits meet. You will experience a fluctuation of weight loss and weight gain in the process before dropping continuously.

The target is to lose weight continuously so fluctuations are normal as long as the general trend is still going down.

Third Myth:

Weight loss supplements can aid diet and exercise.


While weight loss supplements help in the short run, there are repercussions to it in the long run. If your goal is to lose weight, you should focus more on healthy and more natural stuff. The supplements are just there to, well, supplement.

Fourth Myth:

Diet foods and superfoods are necessary to help you lose weight.


You can lose weight without changing your diet or paying exorbitant amounts of money on diet foods and superfoods. Buying chia seeds, blending your food, or even juicing greens can cause you big bucks. While we are all for eating healthy, you need not add expensive food on your diet menu. You just need to add more will power and know what your body needs.

Now that you know some myths about weight loss, it should be enough for you to go on and give weight loss another try. Remember that the best way to lose weight depends on your specific case. Ask a professional for help and seek professional intervention so you can get more in the process.


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