Losing weight is hard especially for those who work. It is harder for those who work even after work. Mothers who have to feed their children and fathers who have to pick up the kids are often lost on the concept of exercise. Time is always limited.

With that, here are some ways that you can sneak in some lunch break work out if your days are always filled.

The easiest step is always to stand up from your chair and walk. Walking can be done in 10 to 15 minutes. If you are wearing high heels, you can opt to bring extra shoes. You can walk around your office or in a dedicated space.

If you do not like moving, you can opt to lift your legs as well. You can do this by straightening your legs and continuing to lift them and lower them. You can start by doing one set of 15 repetitions then gradually increase the sets. This can be done is 10 minutes as well.

Third, you can do a chair squat. How do you do a chair squat? You should do the following:

  • Take a seat on your chair in a normal position.
  • Once you are done, you then lift your hips up until they are above the chair. Your feet should not touch the ground.
  • If you can, you may also use your arms by extending it out for balance.
  • Hold your position for around 5 seconds.
  • You should stand up after.
  • Sit down.  
  • Repeat 10 times, maximum of 20 times.

Fourth, if you have a small cubicle and cannot do any of the above, you should use a free wall. This one is called the wall sit. With the wall sit, you can stand with your back. It is better to change into a shirt for this process and choose a clean wall.

With your back pressed against the wall, you slide down into a squatting position. You may fully lay pressure on the wall or not, it depends on your choices

You have reached the end of your squatting position when your knees make a 90-degree angle. Keep this position in 10 to 30 seconds.

Finally, another way is to remove your arm chair altogether and replace it with a stability ball. This exercise is for your abs and stomach area. You can sit on a stability chair all day and you will feel the burn in your stomach area all day. You can also do this at least two to three times in a work week.

For you to be able to do a lot more, you also need to eat less during your lunch break so your movement will not be compromised.

Now that you know how to sneak in some exercise on your lunch break, you should know how to make use of your precious time. Movement is always necessary to stay fit and have a healthy mind and body. You are helping yourself more when you can move more.


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