Snoring? Do This 5 Things And Sleep Like A Baby


Things you should know about Snoring

Snoring is a well-known condition that can affect just about anybody. It is seen to happen often in men and overweight people. However, kids and ladies may occasionally snore, too. This shouldn’t cause too many worries.

If you start snoring at an early age, there’s a high tendency that the condition will worsen as you get older. And though in most cases where you snore occasionally, your bed partner or roommate is the one affected by all the noise snoring produces. But the moment snoring becomes a habit, you not only disturb those sharing the same bed space. You also disrupt the quality of your sleep. Unhealthy sleep can lead to poor daytime productivity and fatigue, inadequate brain functionality, and mental health issues.

Seeking help from a medical practitioner is often advised for those who are habitual snorers. This would help restore quality sleep to both the individual and their partners or roommates.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring happens when there is an obstruction in the air flow through the mouth and nose. So as you breathe, the tissues behind your throat start to vibrate, producing loud and irritating sounds.

Knowing what causes you to snore is the first and most crucial step to solving your snoring condition. Obstruction in airflow is the leading cause of snoring, but a couple of factors influences it. Like;

  • Being overweight: When you are overweight, or there is so much weight on your neck or throat area can lead to having a bulky throat tissue which will cause you to snore. Furthermore, a child with big tonsils and adenoids is very likely to snore.
  • Alcohol Consumption: If you take alcohol, depressants, or drugs like lorazepam and other tranquilizers, these cause the throat muscles to relax. Once this happens, snoring will most likely occur.
  • Sleeping Position: If you often lay down to sleep on your back, this will relax the base of your tongue. The soft palate will fall to the back wall of your and block the airway. It will cause you to snore.
  • Obstruction of the Nasal airways: Congestion caused by cold or allergies can be responsible for snoring. Most people only tend to snore during seasons that come with allergies or if they have a sinus infection. Once your nose is stuffy, and you are having difficulties in breathing, it vacuum is creates in your throat, leading to snoring.

Five things you can do to help you stop Snoring

Now that we have seen a few of the causes of snoring. Let us now talk about five things we can do to help us quit snoring and improve sleep quality for not just you but your partner and whoever shares the same bed space or room as you.

  1. Change the position in which you sleep: Lying on your back as earlier stated will make you snore. Changing from lying on your back to lying on your side is one of the best ways to reduce snoring. If you still find it hard to avoid sleeping on your back, try any of these methods; taping a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas or recline the bed by making the head move up.
  2. Stay away from Alcohol/Sedatives: the content in alcohol and sedatives will cause the muscles in your throat to relax and lead to snoring. And excessive intake makes it even worse. If you don’t snore at all, the consumption of alcohol will cause you to snore when you sleep. It is best to avoid alcohol.
  3. Cut down some Weight: Note that thin people snore too. This only applies to people who started snoring shortly after they gained weight. Gaining doesn’t have to affect your entire body. If you have put on weight around your neck, it can cause you to snore. So doing exercises and shedding off some weight can help stop snoring.
  4. Improve your sleeping habit: After having a long and stressful day, what you need is quality sleep. Anything short of that would take a toll on your body, and when you eventually get some sleep, you sleep deep, making your muscles floppy. Don’t be surprised if someone around tells you that you were snoring.
  5. Drink a lot of water: When you drink enough water you stay hydrated, and chances of snoring are slim. When you are dehydrated, nasal secretions and those from the soft palate get sticky and cause you to snore. Stay hydrated, drink water


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